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  • What Are the Features Of A Standard Site?

    What Are the Features Of A Standard Site?

    What do we need to have a standard site?

    Have you ever wondered what the features of a standard site are? Or ask yourself what can be done to have a standard site. A standard site should have the right design, the right graphics, the ability to run on all smart devices, and the right SEO strategies.

    If any of these things are not observed in a website, it can be said that your website is not a standard website.

    What Are the Basic Features a Standard Website Should Have?

    For example: if your site does not have a good design, the demand for your site will be very low.

    Especially if you want to sell a product on your site and your site does not have the necessary design, your site customer prefers to trust a website that has a good site framework.

    As a result, you may lose your chance to sell a product and see irreparable damage to your business.

    The same is true if your site does not have good graphics, people usually visit a website that has good graphics.

    The standard site, in addition to all the above features, must also have a high speed.

    If the speed of your site is slow, the customer will get tired of browsing your site and will gradually lose interest in your site, even if your site has a good design.

    A standard site should have a text structure rule

    This rule describes how to put content on a website and how this rule allows even people suffering from blindness to use your website.

    Using this tool forces the web designer to comply with this issue because if the site designer violates this rule, the website cannot meet the required standards.

    So, a standard website can grow your business, but not every company can be trusted to standardize your website. One of the companies that has sufficient skills in this field is Web Company, which provides good services to its customers at a reasonable price.

    The company’s motto is “We are with you from idea to implementation”, which shows that from zero to one hundred people create a standard site with you. Also, the experienced staff and 24-hour support of this company have not been ineffective in the success of this company.

    In this article, we will introduce you to other solutions that can help you standardize your website:

    • Use standard fonts on the website

    The content you put on your website should have a standard font, the standard font helps you to display your content in the same way in all browsers and smart devices.

    • Do not use duplicate content on standard sites

    In order to have a standard website, you should not put duplicate content on your website and copied from other sites, because search engines like Google have tools that can detect duplicate content.

    In the ranking of your site in search engines to affect, for example, this tool Google Penguin is famous for this tool to easily websites that the so-called technique black hat to collect audience are busy detects and In this case, if someone searches for content on Google, your site will no longer be offered to that person.

    You need to produce content and keep doing it.

    The most important for increasing your ranking in search engines produce unique content or Unique Product Content is.

    • Sitemap and site standard

    Sitemaps play an important role in creating a standard site.

    You know that when a site is newly created, search engines will not be able to identify all its pages and internal pages can only be identified by links, this is time consuming and for those who want to do business on their site and Time is very important to them, it leads to problems, but Site map solves this problem to some extent and helps search engines to identify all the pages of your website in the shortest possible time.

    To better understand this issue, consider a store that you have prepared all the necessary preparations for its opening, and on the opening day, to better understand your store, introduce it to the catalog visitors and present the store roadmap for better access to all parts of the store. Give.

    This is to guide the search engines based on your site preferences.

    Website page size and site standard

    The size of the first page of your website should be such that the visitor of your site with normal internet can access your site within 3 seconds.

    If the waiting time increases, you may lose your chance to introduce your products, so the front page of your website should not have heavy content, you may not believe it, but according to expert research, if your website goes up in 4 to 6 seconds You lose more than 50% of your site visitors.

    So another thing that determines the standard of a website is the volume of content that is placed on the website.

    Graphics on a standard site

    A site standard requires a graphic designer, now the site standard with a logo specifically their own the logo in addition to the standard of their sites set makes the visitor want more for your website is.

    One of the websites that can help you in the field of graphic design. In addition to the unique graphic design of the logo, this company can also design an application for your site that will improve your website’s relationship with the user.

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